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Christmas Dance at Knoxville Museum of Art

Friday, December 3 at 6pm

On Friday, December 3 GetDanceNow will join with the Invaders for a Christmas Party with all the classic British rock tunes to get this Holiday Season off to a great start. The party will be held at the Knoxville Museum of Art from 6pm till 9pm. We will decorate for the holidays and have light snacks set around on the tables. Busby's Tango Grille will provide small plate samplers of their chef-prepared foods at very reasonable prices. A cash bar will also be available. The Invaders have had some great parties with us, and we expect this one to be the best ever. Admission is only $15 and a portion of this will go to a local charity to help those less fortunate during this holiday season. **Please RSVP if you plan to attend as we will be selling advance tickets as noted on the christmas invitations and need to get some idea for seating arrangements and food service.

Come on out and lets start the Christmas season off DANCING!!


Your son or daughter has reached that age where they’re asking if they can have a “boy-girl party.” The days of taking ten little boys or girls to the waterpark are done – your kid is looking to mingle. You eagerly send out the invitations for the birthday party, but in the back of your head, you’re a little stressed.

How do you keep the kids away from spin the bottle but avoid a stale party? You want your tween’s birthday party to pop with flare, but stay positive and age-appropriate. 

No need to keep scratching your head. You got it:

A dance party!

Step One: Scout out the Location 


The great thing about a tween birthday dance party for your tween is that you don’t need much besides some speakers, a food table, and a dance floor. 

If you have a nice birthday party budget, you can look into renting out a small hall or old theatre for the night. Most places will charge by the hour.

Budget isn’t that big? A garage or living room could be plenty of room.


Step Two: Get the Supplies

If you can’t pull together a decent sound system from yours or your friends’ equipment, you can rent one from a local music store for around $50 a night. Make sure you have enough trunk space to carry the speakers, though! 

You can get as cheap or expensive with the decorations as you want. Buy a spinning disco ball and screw it into the main light source. A cheap red carpet can add chic to the party and keep your tweens from stomping up the floor. 

Food can get expensive for a group of 10-20 tweens, so keep it light and cheap. Make a few bowls of punch and buy some $5 pizzas from Little Caesars. Spread it all out on a long fold-out table.


Step Three: Playlist and Activities

One of the most fun parts will be making a playlist for your tween’s dance party. Pull songs from the current Top 40 hits or work with your child to find out what the kids at school are singing in the halls. This can be a fun bonding experience, too.

Tweens probably won’t know what to do when they get there, so set up some dance activities! Limbo bars and conga lines are fun and won’t be lame’ to your tweens. Remember, it is not just an occasion for them to romp wildly but to cement even further the bond that exists between them so you might just want to help them get it right.


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